A Specialist in selling and finding distinctive properties for artists, academics and all people with a unique sense of aesthetics… My business is about ‘taste’ – your taste – within the parameters of your pocketbook

Seattle, Washington, Beaverton, Oregon, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Heidelberg, Germany - all university towns I have happily lived in. However, Madison, Wisconsin has captured my heart and imagination! Working with diverse incoming and outgoing buyers and sellers makes my life extraordinarily rewarding.

I have been selling homes in Madison for 27 years! Check out my website…I can also provide letters of reference from past and present clients.

Please call me to see if we are simpatico!
Restaino and Associates
2945 Monroe St., Madison, Wi 53711

Pat Whyte
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5 Things Home Buyers Do That Turn Sellers Off(and Kill Deal)


Here is my Simple Midwestern Wish for keeping a high quality of life in Dane County:

Live up to our reputation and the newcomers’ expectations by truly respecting and appreciating diversity, Extend friendly greetings to each other when out walking or jogging, Watch over and watch out for the children and the elderly in our neighborhoods, Give generously when asked to contribute to those less fortunate, Support our numerous cultural venues as much as possible, Continue to volunteer wherever we are needed,

Pat Whyte
Restaino and Associates
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