ALL SEASONS ARE GORGEOUS in this year round 2800 square foot home! It is one of the best properties available for rent; everyone who goes up there just raves about it! I have a very nice brochure with lots of photos if you are interested in renting.

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A LITTLE HISTORY OF MY DOOR COUNTY HOME… For years my daughter Pam Lehman, now Mrs. Pamela Dillon, and I had vacationed together in Door County. While there, we had such an incredibly good time, rain or shine, summer or winter, that she suggested I buy some land and build a getaway. Well, it would make the saga inordinately lengthy to tell of all the angst accompanying trying to build, so suffice to say, in September of 1999, I fell into the position of being able to purchase this three year old home, which my daughter suggested I name 'Whytefyshe' ( a play on my name and on the ubiquitous whitefish offerings on every restaurant menu in Door County).

This home is not small, it is not a cabin. It is 2800 square feet of rusticity and sophistication, with four bedrooms, three baths, a great room, fabulous kitchen (which I have fully outfitted with everything one needs for gourmet cooking), wood burning fireplace, screened porch with great comfy gliders, decks, three car garage, all on four private acres of woods and meadow.

I have been renting it for nearly four years, and I have personally been driving up to clean and set up for the next tenants, which is virtually impossible now that I am so busy. I have a responsible caretaker now, who does the vacuuming up of those nuisance ladybug-like Japanese beetles and sees that the beds are freshly made.

Most, but not all, of the people renting Whytefyshe are my friends and acquaintances. I am interested in broadening my base of potential renters! Those of you who have stayed in my property already know how lovely it is; now that you don't have to make beds and clean I trust you already know scores of folks who would just love to rent Whytefyshe!

Here are the rates:

  • Two people for two nights: $400
  • Two people for three nights, $600
  • Four people for two nights: $600
  • Four people for three nights: $800
  • Six people for two nights: $800
  • Six people for three nights: $900


Look at the photos accompanying this text and see where else you could enjoy such a cool place for a getaway!

Here are some ideas that I had when I first bought my Door County house: what can one do at Whytefyshe? Strengthen friendships. Build new relationships. Improve your love life. Read good books. Write new books! Stare into the fire. Meditate. Cogitate. Draw. Paint. Cross Country Ski. Bicycle. Hike. Canoe on famous Mink River. Swim in Lake Michigan. Play croquet. Toss horse shoes. Try out that complex recipe you've always wanted to perfect. Eat in. Eat out at world class restaurants! …ahhh, rock on the screened porch!

I hope to hear from those of you who find this description fitting your parameters for a true vacation!

PAT WHYTE (608)232-7738