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Pat Whyte
Restaino and Associates


Spring Green, WI

N2951 East Rockdale Rd.


SPRING GREEN. Historically significant "Howe Cottage" sited on ten totally private acres on top of a hill overlooking picturesque Wyoming Valley-and, tah dah! A magnificent view of Taliesin. The word "cottage" may be a misnomer here; this is a rambling Prairie style ala Frank Lloyd Wright with wonderful use of cedar and stone, expansive windows, open, angular floorplan. If you know where Unity Chapel is, (where Frank Lloyd Wright used to be buried before Olgivana stole his casket in the middle of the night), this home is perched on rocks, hidden in the pines, just up the hill. .

Spring Green, Wisconsin
Price: $350,000
(608) 232-7738


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